Funk Fusion Fitness’ Coronavirus (Covid-19) Procedures and Expectations

The following procedures and expectations have been written to inform clients of how Funk Fusion Fitness (FFF) has taken appropriate measures to minimise the risk of contracting Covid-19, whilst attending our fitness classes. It also outlines the expectations and responsibilities of parents/carers and children when attending classes. If after reading the information below, you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

  • While we will still accept cash payments, we are currently only accepting the exact amount and cannot give change. There is also an online booking and card system which reduces the potential for the virus to be transferred on physical money.
  • All clients must pre-book classes using the booking system, which requires the client to give their full name and contact number. This will be used if Public Health England request information as part of the Government’s track and trace system.
  • We ask that clients do not attend classes if they are displaying any of the known symptoms of Covid –19. These symptoms can be found here
  • On arrival at a class venue, clients must please follow directions and signage for how to enter the venue and navigate within. Some venues have one-way systems in place, others have corridors wide enough to mean this is not necessary.
  • If queuing on arrival, clients must please ensure they are socially distanced, at least 2m.
  • On registering and leaving, clients will be asked to use hand sanitising gel.
  • On entering the venue clients must place their minimal belongings in an assigned area, which is distanced from the next clients’ belongings.
  • During classes clients will have their own space, which again, is socially distanced in which to work out in.
  • Our choreography and class content has been adapted to limit any risk of transmission.
  • Clients may use the toilets at venues but this must be one at a time.
  • During this time, we cannot allow children to have snacks and ask that parents/carers ensure children have eaten enough in the morning to see them through. Please only bring water to class in a named bottle, which will be for your child’s use only.
  • We will also be limiting the amount of equipment used to reduce the potential for transmission and will clean any equipment if it is used.